10 Tips for your Wedding Party

  1. Make sure the room is lit properly and is not too bright. Low light creates a good party atmosphere.
  2. Make sure the room is not too warm. If your guests are too warm sitting down, they will find it hard to dance and will sometimes leave the room to find a cooler area. Arrange with your venue to monitor temperature.
  3. Ask your band beforehand about the acoustics in the room. More than likely your band has played in the venue before and might have some very useful information to make your party better. Some venues have really bad acoustics that could spoil your party.
  4. People like to be where the bride and groom are so if they are on the floor that’s where people will gather, if they are in the smoking area or at the bar people will gather there.
  5. Older people usually don’t like volume, your band should not be loud but it works better when tables of people are not left in front of the bands speakers
  6. Big function rooms are impressive but small function rooms can really keep the party together. A large crowd in a small room can be great but a small crowd in a large room can sometimes be harder to create a good party atmosphere.
  7. Some venues have noise restrictions and time curfews that they may or may not make you aware of beforehand for residents staying in the venue or private dwellings close by. Your band and Dj should not be loud but a certain amount of volume is needed to dance. It’s your wedding party and your big day so make sure to check this.
  8. Before the band starts get your bridesmaids and groomsmen to get everyone back into the room for the first dance. People can get caught up chatting in another bar area or a smoking area. The party will get off to a better start if everyone is in the room.
  9. The time will fly on your wedding day so enjoy every moment, soak up the atmosphere and create great memories.
  10. This is the biggest day of your life, the day you dreamed about as a child, don’t miss a second of it.

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